Private Sessions

Private sessions offer the practioner a personally crafted class aimed at their unique goals for yoga. New to yoga? Get one on one attention to better help you understand basic postures. Working on a specific pose? Receive refinements, tips and tricks that will bring a new level of confidence to your practice. Are you an athlete? Attain skills that will improve your golf swing, run faster longer or Zumba with finesse. Have you sustained an injury? Learn how to add to your current therapy and recovery through yoga.

I will craft classes to meet your needs and provide you with specialized attention!

Private classes offer:

– Basics of yoga (6 sessions recommended)
– Developing confidence in your practice
– Tailoring to benefit a sport: golf, running…
– Learn to modify for injuries
– Therapy for insomnia or low back pain
– One-on-one attention in a private space
– Deepening meditation practice
– Personal assistance for challenging poses
– Exploring yogic philosophy


Private Sessions

Private sessions include Breath, Meditation, Physical and Relaxation.

One student: 1 -3 sessions 60 minutes $80.00

One student: 4 -8 sessions 60 minutes $60.00

One student: 1 -3 sessions 75 minutes $90.00

One student: 4 -8 sessions 60 minutes $75.00

Two students: 1 -3 sessions 60 minutes $40.00 each

Two students: 4 -8 sessions 60 minutes $30.00 each

Two students: 1 -3 sessions 75 minutes $50.00 each

Two students: 4 -8 sessions 60 minutes $40.00 each

  • Payment for all sessions scheduled to be paid upfront. Cash, check or electronic transfer.
  • Privates take place at Tex Sun Yoga School 288/518 Pearland, TX
  • Please bring mat, water, towel. 
  • If you have to cancel, I require 24 hours notice to reschedule.
  • Classes cancelled day of will be full charge, and rescheduled for an additional $85.00.
  • No refunds.

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