Your Animal Spirit Guide

Learn about about Animal Spirit Guides in this Animal Spirit Guide Workshop. This workshop helps the practitioner better understand what an animal spirit is. Learn about these spirit guides of our lives. Receive information regarding archetypes and types of animal spirits. Receive a practice focused on animal asana and spinal flexion in the body. Enjoy a 45 minute guided meditation that assists you in connecting with your animal spirit.

This 2 HOUR workshop includes:

  • discuss archetypes of animal spirits
  • explanation of how this works, what to do and expect
  • participate in spinal flexion asana practice
  • 45 minute guided meditation to meet your animal spirit
  • closing discussion of interpretations & meanings of animals


  • -Spinal Flexion to increase senses
  • -Animal asana practice
  • -Breathing Technique


  • -Know the different animal spirit guide archetypes
  • -Better insight into how spinal flexion works in the body
  • -Ability to navigate guided meditation
  • -Understanding of how to honor animal spirit


  • -Supports skills of personal discernment in meditation
  • -Conducive environment in attainment of meeting animal spirit
  • -Understanding how your guide is helping you
  • -Knowing your journey is valid and has meaning


  • -Devotion of self to one’s learning and growth
  • -Unwavering faith in the animal spirit world
  • -Fosters unifying community through shared experiences
  • -Awareness and new insight’s into one’s spiritual journey
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