Learn about chakras in this Chakra Reading Workshop. This workshop helps the practitioner better understand the energetic body. Learn about these spinning wheels of energy that reflect different aspects of our lives. Receive an informational guide to let you know what each chakra is and what the spin of the pendulum means. In class practice using a pendulum.

This 2 HOUR workshop includes:

  • See life size model of chakra system
  • Learn anatomy of the chakra system
  • Discussion and demostration using pendelum to read energy centers
  • Guided Meditation to align chakras
  • Learn the energetic body
  • Learn what a chakra is
  • How to read the energy of a chakra
  • Physical and Emotiona; aspects of the chakras
  • Kundalini energy


  • -Energetic placements in body
  • -Physical manifestation of chakra
  • -Poses for each chakra
  • -Life size model of chakra centers


  • -Basic understanding of 7 chakras
  • -Mental aspects of chakras
  • -Beliefs about chakras
  • -Understanding of subtle body


  • -Supports skills of personal discernment per energy center
  • -Conducive environment in attainment of personal understanding
  • -Tools that support a new practice in reading chakras
  • -Connection to feelings of energetic emotional body


  • -Devotion of self to one’s learning and growth
  • -Unwavering faith in the energy body
  • -Fosters unifying community through working in partner’s
  • -Energetic awareness
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