Teacher Training Testimonials

Ashley Irene reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 24, 2016

Working with Melanie for the yoga teacher training was fantastic. She is reliable, knows the ins and outs of yoga and has great character. I learned many things from her personal insights and teachings. She is also kind and understanding but isn’t afraid to speak her mind, which is refreshing. I enjoyed my experience of learning yoga through her and can recommend others to learn through her as well. I have talked to people about yoga and suggested they take her classes for a better beginner or more in depth yoga experience. Melanie is just wonderful and I’m happy to know her.

Alexis Roig reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 16, 2016

Where do I start? Melanie is a wonderful teacher, human being, friend, yoga instructor, and mentor. She is organized, on-time, and brings a wonderful structure to her yoga teacher training. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Yoga Teacher Training, but she blew me away with her deep intellect, exercise from several different trainings she has been involved in and researched.

She is non-basis and brings an open mind/safe learning environment to her trainings. I look up to her as a mentor. Her background of her yoga training, brings alignment based yoga, allowing the student/teacher to get deeper into poses by cueing.

She made the yoga teacher training safe to be able to practice sequencing, cueing, with positive and constructive feedback. You will be amazed at the beginning of yoga teacher training to the end as you will be able to build your own sequences for your classes with confidence based on her training.

You will get a deep history of yoga, chanting, spirituality, physical practice, meditation, information to dive deeper into books suggested by her, and a safe community to be open and practice growing and learning how to be a better yogi and yoga instructor. Your life will be changed after this experience with her.

Val Feachen reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 12, 2016

I loved having Melanie as my lead instructor during my yoga teacher training! This amazing lady sure does know her stuff. The thing I liked most was how well rounded our training was. She taught us about and how to be respectful of all the different types of yoga out there. She inspired each one of us to find the style that suited us best and then supported us and encouraged us to learn and grow to be the best teacher we could possibly be in the style we felt most comfortable with. Thank you Melanie! I couldn’t have asked for a better YTT experiance! You are the best!

Marie Louise Parisot reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 24, 2016

Melanie is an incredible yoga instructor and such a caring teacher. I was a student of hers for my 200 Hour Training and I feel like I was prepared above and beyond to enter into the world of Yoga Teaching.

Her Gentle Flow is a beautiful class and you can feel her heart and soul as she teaches it! Her cues are unparalleled and I have found myself deeper in poses than I ever have been in other classes.

She has a wonderful ability to speak to all different levels of yogis and make you feel as if you’re the only one in the room. I am so grateful to have sat at the foot of this incredible teacher, and I hope to train with her more in the future!

Mercedes Pang reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 12, 2016

Melanie is patient, kind, and a wealth of knowledge. I had the pleasure of being her student in the Summer of 2015 and she is quite an inspiration to say the least. Thank you Melanie for all your lessons and guidance!

Kayla Johnson reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 11, 2016

Melanie is an exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate yoga instructor. She was one of my RYT 200 training instructors and did an excellent job explaining and presenting everything. The training materials she prepares are very thorough and include in-depth information about every single element of yoga. When explaining poses and leading classes, Melanie’s cueing is very detailed and is great for both beginners and experienced yogis who want to go deeper into poses. She is sensitive to the different styles of yoga and is supportive of students exploring their own individual path. I expanded my yoga knowledge and developed my teaching niche through Melanie’s excellent guidance and instruction!

Max Duenner reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 10, 2016

An incredible teacher, Melanie Comegys taught a group of yogini’s and I a 200 hour RYT teacher training. Without her instruction and guidance I would not have been able to experience such a profound transformational training. While leading us through asana practice to help us explore important concepts such as repeating shapes and proper alignment, Melanie gave exceptional instruction and her knowledge was shown clearly through the detailed queues that she gave which allowed me to move deeper into poses than I ever had before. Her extraordinary queuing showed me a new perspective on many poses that I struggled with, and I know that without her instruction this perspective would not be with me today. Using a truly remarkable teacher training manual made by she herself, Melanie lead us through all of the key concepts that rest at the foundation of yoga practice; from philosophy to subtle energy and chakras, Melanie not only taught us what she knew, but also pointed us in the right direction to where we could continue our studies and growth.

Angela Glover reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 10, 2016

My teacher training with Melanie was multifaceted. I thought I would just learn proper alignment. Her vigor to give us an in depth view into the study of yoga was invaluable. She made it fun and entertaining as well as informative. I’m inspired by her wisdom of the trade and desire to dig even deeper within. Her sage advice has continued to carry me even today.

Stephanie Jiang reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 9, 2016

Melanie Comegys has great integrity in her work and is always very prepared and professional. Her attention to detail and ability to articulate make her a perfect teacher for beginners and those looking to get serious about their yoga practice. Her skillfulness in delivering cues is truly unparalleled! I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to deepen their practice in alignment-based yoga, as that is a main focus in her classes.

Melanie puts her heart and soul into her craft. She encourages community building and emphasizes the importance of trust within the student-teacher relationship. She values the spiritual aspects of yoga, and that comes out in all her classes. I am extremely grateful to have been able to learn at the foot of this teacher.

Mackenzie Walmesley reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 9, 2016

Melanie is an extremely smart, funny, and inspiring woman to gain knowledge from. She was my main instructor when receiving my RYT 200. Most of the concepts ie hold on to from that experience were embraced to me by Melanie in such a way…that it’d be impossible to not recall. She really is relatable, and dependable. I will always remember her as a wise leader

Maslin Gillett reviewed TexSun YogaSchool – MelanieComegys – 5 star May 9, 2016

Melanie was my RYT 200 yoga teacher last year. She is Incredibly organized and methodical in the was she teaches and in her classes. Everything she does in the classroom and on the mat builds upon itself to take you through and to the next level and towards a mindful and ultimate goal. I continue to seek her instruction to this day… Just taking one of her on-demand mediations last night! I am blessed to have had her as my teacher; I am a better teacher because of it. Her cues in class are unparalleled and sought out by many.


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